BM Stafford are proud to be a member of Palletforce, which ranks as one of the best-known pallet distribution networks in the UK. This centralised distribution and transport service allows you to get your goods to their destination efficiently and cost-effectively, thanks to a comprehensive network of over 100 strategically-located depots around the country, all of which deliver to a central hub and then collect consignments for delivery in their own areas.

From a single pallet delivery, through to larger loads and part-loads, the Palletforce distribution system allows for huge quantities of goods to be shipped nationwide and even into Europe, at far more cost-effective rates than conventional courier and transport methods.

BM Stafford service the areas covered by the postcodes SR and DH.

Helping to make transport eco-friendly

Pallet networks are by nature eco-friendly because of the number of trucks they remove from the road plus the millions of miles per year saved. Levels of trailer utilisation at Palletforce are consistently above 90 per cent and based on two-way running and high levels of double shifting. This means improved carbon footprint for everyone involved.

Find out more about the Palletforce network here.

BM Stafford won the New Member Award at Palletforce’s annual gala awards ceremony in 2014. This award is given to new members that have shown excellent performance, volume, sales and promotion of the brand.