An Insight into our Driving Squad

Here at BM Stafford we employ both Class 1 and Class 2 drivers. This put simply, dictates the type of truck the driver is able to operate from 18 Tonne Rigid to 44 Tonne Artic vehicles.

Class 1 drivers are able to drive the largest vehicles in our fleet, 44T. Many of our Class 1 drivers are our distance drivers, travelling throughout the UK ensuring goods are delivered staying away from home in their vehicle up to 5 nights a week. We also have a team of local Class 1 drivers who deliver throughout the North East, again driving our larger 44T vehicles.

Our Class 2 drivers drive our 18 and 26 Tonne Rigid vehicles. Many of our Class 2 driving team are local multi drop drivers, delivering to a variety of businesses and private addresses throughout the region. We do have a small number of Class 2 distance drivers, who are away from home much like our Class 1 distance drivers.

A number of the driving team work night shift, these are Class 1 drivers who ensure that goods are kept moving throughout the country in a timely manner. Spare a thought for them while you sleep.

The longest serving members of our driving team have been with us for over 10 years, Bobby, Stevie, Ken and Colin. They have a wealth of experience and we are proud of their long service. Just starting  their driving career with us we have Adam, Brian and Scott who we are happy to have on board.