BM Stafford are always focused on creating the lowest possible impact on the environment, working towards a more sustainable future across all areas of the business. We have worked hard over the years to identify key areas of the business where we can make significant impact and reduce our carbon footprint.  

Our fleet of modern vehicles operating to Euro 6 standards to comply with all emission regulations, mean your consignment reaches its destination with the lowest impact on the environment.  In addition, all our vehicles are equipped with CCTV systems and side scanning systems to alert our drivers with awareness of vulnerable road users and pedestrians, with safety of all being paramount.  Combined with state-of-the-art transport management and routing systems, this allows our staff to plan daily work effectively and efficiently. Each of our vehicles is monitored via telematics, allowing us to monitor driver performance, fuel usage and aid driver training. 

Our offices and warehouses are also designed to operate with minimum environmental impact, operating recycling policies, water conservation and operating electric manual handling equipment to further reduce emission impact on the environment.  We know that even the smallest of actions can result in a big impact on the world we live in and are consistently looking for ways to reduce this impact.