BM Stafford Warehousing

Due to our ever-growing and successful warehousing business, we are able to offer a wide variety storage and distribution methods to meet any of your warehousing needs.

Utilising a modern warehouse management system we can remotely control your stock giving the flexibility to pick via several different options including batch, weight and size we are also happy to discuss any specific requirements to inventory control to Tailor to your specific business requirements.


Pick and Pack, decanting services

As a well-established warehousing operation, we are pleased to offer our customers a Pick & Pack and Decanting service.

Offering a service to Pick from palatised stock into smaller and more manageable volumes to suite your business needs. This is especially useful in a supply chain scenario where large volumes of stock are stored yet required at much lower quantities as and when required, using state of the art barcode scanning systems to ensure accurate up to date stock information and traceability. 
Our warehouse can facilitate inbound consignments from anywhere in the world, all the warehousing team are fully trained in chain of custody and points of critical control giving all our customer the confidence that their stock will be handled in the correct manner.

In our warehouse transparency is key to keeping good relations with our customers offering stock reports, site visits whenever needed and working alongside quality control to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Container Loading and Devanning

We are one of the few North-east companies to offer a service to load and devan your sea freight containers.  Across our sites we have a range of facilities that enable us to offload your containers either into storage or reload to our curtain side fleet and deliver to your premises.  We can help to reduce the cost of your sea freight shipments by offering you a local solution for container loading.