New Trailer, New Services

Joining our fleet is a 45ft (13.6m) PSK flat trailer.

This trailer has a full set of steel stanchions (posts) and sockets – these posts are placed in holes along either side of the trailer and stick upright.  This allows the safe securing of steel pipe / girders and other such loads

It also has a full set of twist locks, allowing transportation of shipping containers to and from ports.  Meaning we will now be able to offer not only loading and unloading of containers in our warehouses, but also the service of collecting and returning them to the port for shipment.

Equipped with corner boards, it ensures we can safely move bricks, blocks and similar loads. It has numerous lashing points for the movement of machinery, fabrication equipment, glass frames as well.

If you want more information about the services we can offer with this new trailer or any other services here at BM Stafford, please get in touch with us info@bmstafford.co.uk